Hive Worm

Species Name: Hive Worm

Planet of Origin: “Hive”

Exportation: Extremely wide spreed

Description: Muscular tapering red worm/slug of varying length & diameter (most common 0.3m x 0.1m), with tentacles at both ends (~10% of length). Able to link with others of its kind to form an larger being. Able to produce a hard resin structure around which to form (endoskeleton?) as well as a silk/web like exo-sheath (skin?).

Temperament: Placid Aggressive

Notes: Edible, considered a delicacy. Easily bred.

History: Originally labeled as a benign and placid organism, after exportation around the galaxy due to being considered a delicacy when eaten fresh, this life form’s demeanor changed dramatically into an aggressive, all consuming, breeding menace.

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Hive Worm

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